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The Protocol Ministry supports the ministry of the Word and Spirit by rendering practical support that will facilitate the efficient running of every service. The ministry comprises of Protocol officers who take charge of security and related matters during the service.

Protocol Ministry

As a people of God, we exist to bring honour and glory to God. In Romans 12:1-2, St Paul reminds us that our reasonable act of worship is to offer our very selves to God as a living sacrifice. Sowers Club is the kingdom partners of the church and they support the church vision through financial aid. SIPCC welcomes your financial partnership to further God’s vision to the world. Please contact the senior Pastor on Pastortoyin@salvationinternationalng .org.


Our Ushering Department chief responsibility is to ensure that worshipers enjoy their time of worship at the church, by maintaining a sense of order and decorum during the entire service.

Ushering Department

Our evangelism unit is a team of brethren who are dedicated to the obedience of the last recorded personal directive of Our Lord and Savior to his disciples in Matthew 28:19 - Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Our prayer department constantly communicates and petitions God on behalf of the pastorate, entire brethren within the church, within the community and the world at large. It seeks to encourage people to pray through example and teaching so that their desire to pray will turn into a lifestyle of prayer.

Prayer Department

Heritage church is the children arm of SIPCC responsible for the care of the children both in teaching and guiding them in the way of the Lord to ensure they grow up into visionary adults.


The classes are structured according to age and all our teachers have some experience with different age groups.

To join us, you can reach us on this mail heritagechurch@salvationinternationalng. org


Beautification Ministry


The responsibility of the Beautification Ministry is to beautify the church interior and premises. The Beautification team offers their expertise and recommendations to beautify other areas as needed inside and outside our church building.


Our Media and Technical unit members are dedicated to augmenting the hearing of the Gospel, using a variety of media tools.


Members of the media team are responsible for controlling sound, recording services for video or audio broadcast and showing video during the worship service.


Media & Technical Unit
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Music Ministry

We have a vibrant music ministry whose purpose is to glorify God through music during worship. The ministry works with the Pastor utilizing music to encourage and uplift God’s people, and help draw us all into a closer relationship with God.


Youth church is the church designed for the teenagers where today's youths are nurtured mentored and developed to become tomorrow’s leaders. Service time is on every Sunday by 9.30 am and Night vigil is last Friday of the month by 11pm.



We believe God is the supreme creator of the heaven and earth

We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God & savior of the world.

We believe Bible is the infallible authoritative and inspired word of God

We believe Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity

We believe Salvation is the grace- filled work of God to completely save human being for Himself.

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